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Low Priced Cloud Storage For Lifetime - IceDrive

Low Priced Cloud Storage For Lifetime - IceDrive


  • Goal: Know about IceDrive Service.
  • Target Audience: Who is searching for Low Priced lifetime cloud storage

What is a Cloud Storage Service:

We can define it is space or storage on the cloud in which we can save our files, documents, and other digital assets. A server hosting company owns and maintains these storage devices so you don't have to. These companies allow you to store your files on their hardware for a small fee. You can think of these services as a physical storage units. You can rent it from companies and can store your digital assets there. In this post we will discus about Low Priced Cloud Storage For Lifetime - IceDrive.

Things to Consider before Buying a Cloud Storage:

1. Data Centers:

We should consider the location of data centers before buying this service. Two factors are affected by the data center location, one is efficiency and the other is the security of data. We should choose the data center near to our location for efficiency. The data center which is near to our location takes less time to upload and download the files. Second-factor data security is more important than data upload/download speed. Data centers of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Norway, and Scotland are considered most secure.

2. Customer Support:

Customer support is also an important factor for deciding the this service. Customer support should be good in terms of response time and quality. Customer support should be available in which you are comfortable like e-mail, live chat, or call.

3. Security Capabilities:

We should check the security provided by the service provider to our data. Whether they provide client-side encryption or not.

4. Pricing:

Pricing always plays an important role in deciding this service. Check the pricing of plans whether affordable to you or your business. Check various service providers for how much they charge for any particular amount of space. Check if some amount of storage is provided free for 15-30 days to check it. It will be a smart choice to check deals from time to time like Black Friday Deal etc. You should try to check these types of deals if you are not in hurry to buy this service.

5. High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers:

Service providers should give High Performance Computing Server in cloud architecture. In this way, you will get high performance. You will be able to download or upload the files speedily.

6. Backup:

We should check on how many servers, our data is stored. This is important because if there is any problem like data corrupted in the server where our data is stored, then we can lose our data. The storage service provider can save our data in these types of conditions if the provider saves our data on more than one server.

7. Uptime:

Uptime defines how much time service is online or active for users. Generally, service providers have more than 99% uptime. You should also check it before buying.

8. Bandwidth:

Bandwidth means how much data can be transfer (upload or download) per month. Check how much bandwidth is provided by any service provider. Some service providers give unlimited bandwidth while others impose a limit. If you cross the bandwidth limit then the service provider can charge you for it. So always check the bandwidth limit in your plan.

9. Zero-Knowledge Encryption:

Zero-Knowledge Encryption or zero-knowledge privacy means your data is stored in encrypted form on a server. Even service providers can not see your data. So if you want to store sensitive data on a server then be sure there will be zero-knowledge encryption on the server. Some service providers give this feature by default while others as add-on service.

10. Sharing Features:

Sharing options available can be a deciding factor for this type of service for some users. Check if file link sharing available, can other users upload files on shared folders, can we add password on shareable links, can we set an expiry time on shared links, is folder sharing available, is there any requirement to have an account on the same platform for other users to download shared files. Is company give customizable share links like add product logo on public links. What types of collaboration features are provided by the company. These are some questions, we can be asked during buying service.

Built-in Document Viewer and Document Editor: Check if the service provider provides a file preview and file editor. It can be a big time saving if file preview and file editing feature is provided. Some service providers like Google Drive and One Drive give editing features for documents and preview features for PDF. If these features are not provided then the user needs to download documents, make changes and then again upload files, and it can be very time-consuming.

11. Operating System Support:

Please check if the service provider provides the native application for your operating system. Generally, most service providers provide native mobile applications for Android and iOS, a native desktop application for Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. If you are using any different operating system then check if an application is provided for your operating system. You can also check whether the company provides a virtual drive or not.

12. Data Syncing:

Data syncing is a feature that enables auto-download and uploads files. Generally, we can enable data syncing for a folder, when we paste any file in this folder, it gets auto uploaded to servers like mega, One Drive, and Google Drive provide syncing features. It is time-saving as we do not need to upload files manually.

13. Two-factor Authentication:

In two-factor authentication, users need to give additional information along with a username and password to gain access to their digital files. OTP (one-time-password) to user mobile/email or any 3rd party authenticator like Google Authenticator provides a way for the user to prove his identity. It's a way to secure our data. In this way, we decrease the chance of hacking and data breaches.

14. File History:

The file history feature tracks the changes made to any file including deleting that file. We can revert that changes within a time frame. This feature can be beneficial in case we made any changes by mistake or delete that file. We can also recover our data if any malware attack corrupts it.

15. GDPR Compliance:

We should check if the service provider company complies with the GDPR law. General Data Protection Regulation is a strict law imposes on companies operating in the EU. So check if the company is taking your privacy seriously or not. Check if the company compile with privacy laws or not.

One more thing to keep in mind that there is nothing like Unlimited Cloud Storage. If any company is promised you something like that then there must be any catch. So read their conditions carefully.

16. Media Player:

In the Cloud storage market, many companies also provide custom media players which is a good point of consideration for many music lovers. Peoples can play audio files and video files easily without ad interruption.

Ice Drive:

Ice Drive

Ice Drive is the next generation of cloud storage. This is a privacy-oriented company from the United Kingdom. Although this is a newcomer to market yet it looks promising. It came to market in early 2019. When most of the company charges on monthly basis, then IceDrive provides the lifetime subscription on affordable prices. So you do not need to worry about monthly payments. IceDrive also provides a Virtual Drive, it looks like a hard drive on your computer. Its main features are given below:

1. Virtual Drive on Desktop:

IceDrive provides the virtual drive. The virtual drive means it is attached to the computer or laptop like a physical hard drive, but it doesn't take any space. Lifetime subscriptions make it more suitable for users.

Virtual Drive on Desktop

2. Share, Showcase & Collaborate:

It has Cloud Storage software for all popular platforms like web-based, mobile, and Desktop. So you can save and share your files very easily. Their mobile apps (Android and iOS) interface is very clean.

3. Zero-Knowledge Encryption:

In zero-knowledge encryption only you can decrypt your data. This feature makes your data very secure.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

4. File previews:

Ice drive provides the file preview feature. You can view the documents in various formats, you can listen to the music and watch the video with the help of a built-in media player.

File previews

5. Beautiful user interface:

Ice drive apps provide a beautiful interface for all platforms.

Beautiful user interface

6. Lifetime Cloud Storage:

IceDrive provides very affordable Cloud Storage, like if you buy 1 TB of Storage and want to billed monthly then you need to pay $4.99 /month, if you want to billed yearly then you need to pay $4.17 /month and you can also buy long-term storage plans like 1 TB space for a lifetime for $149. Their monthly plans do not look as good as lifetime plans. If you want to learn more about pricing then please visit this link.

Lifetime Cloud Storage

7. Excellent privacy & security:

IceDrive values your privacy, and they called themselves as strongest encrypted cloud storage service. You cal learn about the Ice drive privacy policy here.

8. 10 GB Free plan:

If you want to know more about it and want to test it, then you can Sign Up and use up to 10 GB of space for a lifetime free.

9. Money-Back Guarantee:

Ice drive provides 14 days Money Back Guarantee.

10. Good speed:

Servers are in the EU and UK, so users near these locations should enjoy good upload and download speed.

11. Twofish Encryption:

Icedrive uses Twofish encryption. Twofish encryption is a secure solution and Icedrive is the only company which uses this bulletproof algorithm.

IceDrive provides a very easy-to-use interface. It comes at a very low price, you can also choose a 10 GB Free plan.

Ice drive mobile and tablet applications are available on Google play store and App Store. You can share folders and file directly from the app. You can take mobile file backup with the help of the backup wizard. You can also edit files with native applications. IceDrive uses the Twofish encryption algorithm.

Best and Secure Lifetime Cloud Storage on Affordable Price - pCloud


Question 1: Can Icedrive compete with other cloud storage providers?

Answer: Icedrive is new in the market, so it will be early to say that whether it can compete with other companies or not, but IceDrive is continuously improving its service. So it's worth trying it.

Question 2: Which Service Is Best: Icedrive or pCloud?

Answer: Both pCloud and IceDrive have their advantage and disadvantage. Although both provide 10 GB free space for a lifetime yet there are some conditions to get 10 GB in pCloud whereas iceDrive gives 10 GB free without any condition. Lifetime plans prices are nearly the same but in IceDrive we get zero-knowledge encryption by default whereas pCloud give it as an add-on. So pCloud became a little bit expensive but pCloud provides more features. We have discussed here IceDrive and you can know more about pCloud here.

Question 3: How I Ranked the Best Cloud Storage Services – Our Review Process?

Answer: I have described all the factors above which should be considered and which play an important role to ranked one among companies.

Question 4: When Does It Make Sense to Invest in Cloud Storage solution?

Answer: There are many reasons for buying cloud storage solutions like 1. no need to transfer files on the different system every time during working on the different system because it auto sync on every system connected to cloud. 2. Sharing big files are easy with it. 3. Creating backup for files. 4. When can get more space for a lifetime with less money.

Question 5: Free cloud storage: Which providers offer the most space?

Answer: Treasure provide 20 GB if you signup using this link, Mega provides 15 GB free, Google Drive provides 15 GB free, pCloud provide 10 GB free and IceDrive also provides 10 GB free. Although Mega advertises 50 GB free but additional space is provided with limited time for achieving the different milestones.

Question 6: How to choose the best cloud storage services for you?

Answer: Above I have covered all the important factors which should be considered for selecting the best service for you.

Question 7: Is Icedrive the Next Generation Cloud Storage?

Answer: IceDrive provides lifetime plans which are very affordable and feature-rich. They called themself as the Next Generation Cloud Storage. Let's see what they offer in the future.

Question 8: How to Choose the Best and Reliable Cloud Storage Service?

Answer: The first check if they provide zero-knowledge encryption, lifetime plans, online preview, and editing capabilities, storage provider company roadmap, is a company new or established if they provide music streaming and other factors which I have listed above.

Question 9: What Should UK Users Look For In A Cloud Storage?

Answer: UK users should check if servers are locals or not, which means if data centers are in the UK or not. Check the plans provided by the company, and buy if a lifetime plan is available. Check if client-side encryption is provided. More details are provided above in this article.

Question 10: Is it good to buy Lifetime storage plans?

Answer: If you think you need it in the coming 3-4 months then it will be an excellent choice to buy Lifetime storage plans, but do not buy it for use after 2-3 years, because the market may be changed after 2-3 years and it may become cheaper.