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Janmashtami Festival

Janmashtami Festival

INDIA is a country of festivals. Every month many festival celebrated in INDIA. Each festival gives a message. Every festival gives motivation to everyone. People of our country celebrate all festivals, it does not matter the festival belongs to which religion that is proof that our country is secular. There are many festivals in the month of august. In August, there are many festivals comes of every religion. The most popular and religious festival is celebrates in August, That is JANMASHTAMI which mainly belongs to the Hindu religion but every people of each religion celebrates Janmashtami. In 2021 Janmashtami will be celebrate on 30 August.

Why Janmashtami is Celebrated

Janmashtami is celebrated on the birthday of God KRISHNA. According to Hindu religious books, God Krishna was born on 'AASHTMI' of the august month.

  • According to Vedas and Puranas there was a king of Mathura, whose name was Kansh. His sister's name was Devki who married Vasudeva. On the wedding day of Devki and Vasudeva a voice comes from the sky and predicts that Kansh will die by Devaki's eighth child.
  • Then kansh captures her sister DEVKI and brother-in-law VASHUDEV. When the eighth son of Devki is born, then voice come from sky and tell to Vasudeva that you leave your son in GOKUL at Nand's house. Then the chains of Vasudeva open by magic and the gate of the jail opens by own, then vashudev leave his son in nand house in GOKUL.
  • The Devaki's eighth son is known as Krishna. Then after some year, Krishna killed Kansh. since then Janmashtami festival celebrates on Krishna's birthday.

How Janmashtami Celebrated

JANMASHTAMI celebrate with joy. It is a festival of love and devotion. In our country Janmashtami is celebrated differently in every state. Every state follows a different tradition for celebrating Janmashtami.

  • Temples are decorated with lights and candles.
  • Children show their art in temples by wearing Krishna dresses. Children show story of god Krishna.
  • Special functions are conducted on Janmashtami in schools and colleges. Students do their act by dancing and some student do their act by singing the song of God Krishna.
  • In many states special decorations for the DAHI-HANDIprogram is conducted. In the 'DAHI-HANDI' program some boys climb high and break the HANDI which is filling with curd.
  • Some boys and girls act their performance in roads by dancing on devotion songs. They act Krishna's story in their performance.
  • Many peoples have fast on Krishna's birthday. It is believe that keeping the fast fulfills their wishes.
  • The people fast till the midnight of Janmashtami. Peoples open their fast at midnight by eating curd and frutes.
  • Peoples listen to the BHAJAN till midnight then open the fast by looking at the moon.


Behind every festival there is an important message for all. In JANAMASTAMI festival also, there is a beautiful and important message to the world that is.

  • The program of Dahi- handi teaches you that if all people help each other than all problems solve easily. Janmashtami festival gives a message to the world that if all country work together then many problem can be solved like pollution and can easily handle all pandemic.
  • The whole story of Krishna teaches that you can win all things by love. Peoples learn a lesson by god Krishna's story that if you give love to all people, you can achieved all things easily and handle any situation with love.