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Importance Of Girl Education

Importance Of Girl Education

The knowledge is the greatest property, by sharing this property our knowledge only increase, does not decrease. Knowledge is not bought by money, education is the only way to get knowledge. Education is very important for every human whether male or female, but at some place in our country less rights given to girl as compared to boy, one of them is the right to education. Yes it is true that even today girls are completely deprived of education in many places, for example, if you take a look at the figures of MEWAT district of HARYANA, you find that the girl's education here is very poor, girl only study till the eighth or not get education. According to the 2011 census of women literacy rate is only 36% in mewat.


Our country has been a male-dominated country for many years, so women confined to their home only. We assume that women confined to the stove, they can only take care of the children and the house.

  • In some areas of india, girls have less freedom than boys.The reason is old thinking. Even today, in some rural areas, the mindset of people about women's education has not improved as much as it should have.
  • Another reason is lack of facility available for education in rural areas. In some places there is no transport facility for girls for going to school.
  • And the third one reason is girl child marriage .According to a news published in AMARUJALA, girls under 19 years of age are getting married in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, whose figure is 20.5%, due to this girls do not get higher education.


There is no doubt that if girls get a chance, they can show their talent in every field. In education field girls have always been at the top. This year girls performed better than boys. The pass percentage of boys is 90.14%, while the pass percentage of girls is 93.31% in CBSE. The education is very important for girls because only through education girls can get equal opportunity to boys.

  • By getting education girls can fulfill their dreams. We forget the great women of our country who have brought the name of the country by getting the well education. For example, KALPANA CHAWLA became the first Indian woman to go into the space and another example is KIRAN BEDI became the first Indian women IPS officer.
  • If girls get proper education then they will get confidence and speak out against the atrocities happening on them. Girls will be able to sit in a higher post after getting education and will be able to give good values,good education to their children. An educated woman not only illuminates the name of her parents, family, and country, but also works for the world, when the time comes.
  • Girls can also help the house financially by getting education. An educated girl becoming a good doctors, they can improve the health system of the country. By taking well education girls becoming a good teacher, engineer, scientist, IAS, IPS etc. then they will be able to give the best support for the country.
  • Education teaches girls the art of living, an educated girl can do any job properly. An educated woman can never be unemployed.


It is observed that only financially strong people are able to provide education to girls, so the Government of India has taken steps to provide education of girls, so that every girl can get education.


  • To make girls aware of their fundamental rights and to make them aware of the right to education, then by providing education to them,the situation can changed.
  • By campaigning in rural area and where girls education is low, we have to tell about the importance of girls education. So now the time has come when everyone will have to work together for women education.
  • Do not keep girls at home and give them higher 'education', because education is the only option that can give girls an equal opportunity.

Now we have to take this pledge that every girl of the country get education because when every citizen is educated then the country will go on the path of becoming aVishwa Guru.