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Best and Secure Lifetime Cloud Storage on Affordable Price - pCloud

Best and Secure Lifetime Cloud Storage on Affordable Price - pCloud

Cloud Storage is space on cloud or online storage where we can store our data like audio, video, text files, etc. We can think of Google Photos as cloud storage, it uploads our photos and video on google server and then we can delete these photos/videos from our mobile. It does not take space on our mobile. There are many cloud storage providers in the market which provide cloud storage service, most popular are Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Almost all cloud storage providers allow us to create a free account and provide some amount of storage for free like Google Drive provides 15GB free and OneDrive provides 5GB for free. If we need more space we need to purchase their monthly or early storage plan. Today we will be talking about one of the Best & Secure Lifetime Cloud Storage on Affordable Price - pCloud.

pCloud is a Switzerland based company. It was launched in 2013. It provides the best, safe, and secure cloud storage solutions. It is very user-friendly i.e., very easy to understand and use for a non-technical user. The best part of this is that it also provides a lifetime subscription plan. In this article, we will discuss the pCloud offering, its pros, and its cons.

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pCloud Data Centers :

It is very important to check the data center of a cloud service provider. We should use the service provider whose data centers are near to our location, in this way we can get maximum upload and download speed. pCloud data centers are in the U.S. (Dallas, Texas) and Europe (Luxembourg) and these are highly secure. It is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company and their data center providers are certified under SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II & SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II. According to pCloud data security is their top priority and they do their best to apply first-class safety measures. You can select the data center (the United States or the European Union) while signing up for the account. According to pCloud, an option will be given to change the data region in near future.

pCloud Data Security Features :

1. TLS/SSL channel protection: In pCloud 256-bit AES encryption is applied on stored files. Besides files, the TLS/SSL protocol is applied to the information which transfers from the user device to the pCloud data center. Multiple copies of user files are stored on pCloud servers, according to pCloud, 5+ copies are stored on at least 3 servers.

2. Client-side encryption: In addition to the data encryption done by the pCloud before uploading to the server, the user can also activate the client-side encryption. Data encryption helps the user to keep their data safe from unauthorized access.

3. ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified: pCloud is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). In addition to this it’s quality management systems are validated by an independent 3rd-party certification authority.

4. Two-factor Authentication: Two-factor Authentication requires a code in addition to the password for logging in. pCloud provides this feature, so you can feel extra safe even when someone gets access to your password.

5. Extended File History: pCloud save changes done in last year in your account, so you can recover your data within this time frame if you delete or change any file. So it is also helpful in case of malware attack.

6. Zero-knowledge privacy: Zero-knowledge privacy means neither your service provider, pCloud, nor any 3rd-party/authority will ever have access to user data. pCloud does not store Crypto Pass on their server, so the user is the only one, who can decrypt their data.

7. GDPR Compliance: General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union law that imposes strict regulations on how organizations operating in the EU collect, store, and manage personal information. pCloud legal and security teams have ensured full GDPR compliance.

  • Users get real-time notifications from service providers in case of a data breach.
  • Users have the right to know how, where, and for what purpose his/her personal information is processed.
  • User has the right to ask any service to delete his/her personal data and stop further dissemination

8. No data transfer: Once the user selected the data center for his/her account, all his/her data resides in that data center, and no data transfer without user permission or knowledge.

9. Swiss privacy laws: Swiss privacy laws are very strict when it comes to a person's data. pCloud is compliant with Swiss privacy laws. This is another reason to feel very safe.

Speed Test :

pCloud provides 2 min 15-sec upload speed and 3 min 10-sec download speed for 800MB file on 100Mbps internet speed. pCloud Crypto also provides the same speed. This is a good speed for any cloud storage provider. If you are an Indian user it will be beneficial for you to select a European server. You will get better speed from the European server.

pCloud Additional Features:

Sync Feature: pCloud Sync feature is very good. Sync can be done very easily and fast. The selective sync feature is also provided by it i.e., you can select any folder which you want to sync with your cloud storage and any changes made in that folder files will auto reflect in cloud storage.

User Interface: pCloud provides a very easy user interface. It also provides the drag and drops feature. You can see your files and folder in Grid as well as in List view. You can enable dark mode, protect it from a passcode. Overall we can say pCloud Web interface and Mobile apps Interface is very easy to use.

pCloud Virtual Drive: pCloud also provides virtual drive features. It looks like a physical drive on your computer but does not take any space. You can copy, paste, or delete any file from this Virtual drive like any physical drive. Your internet connection should be active to use this feature.

Device Support: pCloud supports all famous operating systems like a window, macOS, Linus, iOS, and Android. It also supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browser extension.

Customer Support: you can ask your question by mail. Live chat support is not provided here. 

Backups: You can also take your other account back-ups like Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

File Sharing Options: When you choose to share any folder then there are many options available like Nobody can upload, Anyone can Upload, and Only selected users can upload. You can secure your shared folder with a password. You can share your folder for a limited time. You can see all traffic statistics for shared folders like who opens, who download, or who upload in this folder. You can request any files from any other user, for this you can create a link on which any user can upload any file. So overall sharing options given by pCloud are good.

Document Support: pCloud can open Excel, PDF, Docx, and Word Documents, but you can not edit these documents on pCloud, for editing you need to download documents and need to edit. You can upload both audios as well as video and can stream. You can also upload images and see date wise. 

Pros :

1. Prices - Prices are very affordable. A lifetime plan is also available.

2. Speed - pCloud provides very good speed.

3. Selective Sync - You can select which folder you want to sync.

4. File Sharing options - Very good file-sharing options.

5. Rewind Feature - Good rewind feature.

6. User Interface - It provides an easy interface on both webs as well as mobile.

7. Social Media Backup - you can take the backup of your social media account. 

8. Zero-knowledge encryption.

9. Support encrypted and unencrypted files.

10. Built-in media player for media streaming.

11. File Versioning feature.


1. You may need to pay extra for Add-Ons.

2. Currently edit functionality for documents is not available.

3. No Live chat support.

Conclusion :

Overall pCloud cloud storage is a good and value for money option. You get good speed, good security, and affordable lifetime plans. pCloud is a great tool that gives you a secure cloud storage solution that will help you overcome any storage issues. It gives you more space than you could possibly need and it gives you a great way to share files with your friends, family and business associates. No matter what the need, pCloud is there with the most secure and affordable solution available. What you think about pCloud Storage, please tell me.

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